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Locksmith in Virginia Beach FAQ's

This Video has all of the cool things we do and shows exactly who we are at locksmith angels and here is a list of what we can do.

Most people tell call and tell us I locked my keys in my car or sir locked my keys in my car, some people call and say I lost car keys no spare and I need a locksmith for car keys when you search for locksmith for cars near me you will find us coming up first in your search results.

Sometimes we get people that get in touch with us and want to know, how much is a locksmith and do we have a 24-hour locksmith for a car and lost keys services, and or can a locksmith unlock a car well we say yes we do!

In our residential department, we always get confronted with these questions can a locksmith make a key for a lock, and what are the cost for a locksmith to rekey house, or what is the cost for a locksmith to unlock house. well, the prices for that differ between each case and some houses that we come to unlock have different doors and different locks and so we need to see what we have to deal with to give you a direct quote right on the spot.

Some people are looking to find a cheap locksmith, and our main calls every day are people calling to ask what are the locksmith prices for car keys and or a replacement key for car and when and where can i get a car key made and can a locksmith make a new car key on the spot for us?

Now I am going to get into a few FAQ's that we deal with on the day to day as a locksmith in Virginia beach.

So to answer the question can a locksmith make a key for a car, the answer is definate YES!

Do we have a mobile key coding for cars? yes, we do!

What is the cost for a locksmith to unlock the car? it differs between cars and only the technician can give you a direct quote right on the spot, and the cost of locksmith to unlock car varies and fluctuates between high-security cars and normal everyday drivers.

Another question we get all the time is, can a locksmith make a new ignition key? Yes, we can definitely d that with some cars, not all of them.

Some people have a different lock for their car door than they do for their trunk so we get this question often what does a car door lock repair cost, or how much is a car power door lock repair? and do you do automatic car door lock repair too? to all those questions the answer is YES! we do!

Can your locksmith to make a new car key and fob? Yes, we can! depending on the make and model, some cars that are push to start are more difficult, and we might not have the parts to do the job on the spot but we can definitely help by ordering them from the dealer.

Can you help changing locks on a new house? Yes, we can! We even offer a new homeowner discount for our new homeowners that wish to change the locks on their doors or even just rekey the locks, just mention that you are a new homeowner and after we congratulate you we will help you as best we can to do the best job we can. !

One of the things we take pride in is our commercial locksmith division, We get questions like do you guys do emergency exit door for commercial buildings and or panic bars for fire safety exits, and or panic bars for glass doors, and or panic bolts for fire safety exits, and or panic bar for fire door and or install a new lock for front door.? To all those questions the answer is the same and it is YES WE CAN!

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