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Coronavirus will change our life, but we are here to help.

Hey Everyone,

Its been a while since I wrote anything in the blog, so, here we are, all together facing probably one of our greatest challenges as mankind since the dawn of time,, and at that same time we are all united as one against this common enemy of humanity.

This just goes to show us how in the face of adversity we will rise up as a whole to combat anything that might come our way and risk our existence as a race.

As sad as i am with all that is going on, and the sick that are getting sicker all over the world, i try to look at the positive in every situation, and that is all of the world coming together with compassion for one another as one.

We are going to defeat this Virus! its just a matter of time and to allow the system to do what needs to be done in order for the ones that can and will find the vaccine to emerge from within, that will happen, sooner than we think and when it does the first real personal challenge shal begin, Where do we go from here, how do we act towards one another, will the humility we have acquired during this plague evaporate like it never was and we will go back to our old ways, or, will we learn lessons on a personal level that will show off to the whole world that we can and will do better than when we entered this dark phase, we will continue to do good towards one another just like we did when the plague was here and we were humbly looking for a cure together.

With that said, I am confident that we, as mankind will come out of this storm much better than we came in, and i wish to extend a blessing of health to each and everyone in the world and in our Hampton roads area, we at #locksmithangels Virginia Beach, will be here to help as best we can, and do the best we can for as long as we can.

Sending blessings of light and love,


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