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Locksmith Angels Virginia Beach

The summer is over, and here comes the fall, we already feel the climate change but we also need to get our home prepared for cold weather.

One of our suggestions here at is to use a spray or oil to lube your door hinges and locks this will help prevent 2 things, internal rusting and metal decay, the prevention of these 2 main things will definitely prolong your home doors and locks.

Doing this is very important especially in places near the ocean like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and even Suffolk due to the fact that the salty water air is like "cookies to a cookie monster" lol, for rust on metal and in close proximity to the beach it can happen really fast, my words of advice is better be safe then sorry. (:

We at locksmith angels virginia beach understand that there are elderly people and phisically challenged that are not able to do these tasks, so as a friend and helper of the community, we offer to come and help out with no charge, to any one from the 5 cities hampton roads area, Virginia Beach, Norfolk , Chesapeake, Nortsmouth, Newport News, and even Suffolk.

We hope you guys stay warm and enjoy the fall and kids enjoy school

Your friendly locksmith



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