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Efficient Laser Cut Keys Service by Locksmith Angels

Laser cut keys are used on cars particularly but not exclusively on more expensive car brands and have very distinct features from regular car keys. Compared to regular car keys, laser cut keys can provide more safety and security advantages. Why? Its features make it difficult to pick the lock cylinder, and duplicating these keys may not be available on local hardware stores or locksmiths.

Laser cut keys are cut by an advanced, programmed laser cutting machine while regular car keys are cut manually or automatically with key cutters. They are thicker and instead of having notches or ridges on both sides of the key, a precise winding cut runs along the center of the key shank, which is why laser cut keys are also called ‘internal cut keys’ or ‘sidewinder keys’. Laser cut keys have blunt edges with identical cuts on both sides so it will fit in the ignition and still function either way you insert it.

As mentioned, its distinct physical features make it harder to pick the lock, and the laser cutting machinery are so expensive which also require specific ability to operate, thus, services on duplicating these keys may not be available on your local hardware stores or locksmiths but for those who provide laser cutting services usually will charge less than your car dealer.

Another feature of laser cut keys is that most of these keys contain transponder chips. If a duplicated laser cut key is inserted in the ignition but does not contain the programmed transponder chip, the car will not start thus unauthorized duplicate keys cannot be used to drive or potentially steal a car. Programming a transponder chip should be done for a particular car and it is something you cannot do by yourself thus it requires the service of your car dealer, but, of course, your car dealer will charge high and may be way out of your budget. Instead, you can contact a locksmith to do the transponder programming for you.

Safety and security are what manufacturers had in mind when they first introduced laser cut keys. For those who are in need of laser cutting services, Locksmith Angels can cut and program any laser cut key or electronic key on the market for all car models. We just bought the most up to date, state of the art key programming machine in the world. We provide fast and quality laser key cutting services and we are the only ones in the Virginia Beach area who provide such services.

Accidentally losing car keys is one of the top reasons for needing a duplicate copy. For a less expensive laser cut keys duplication and transponder chips programming, a better way is to contact locksmiths who can provide such services. We can cut and program any laser cut key or electronic key on the market with our most up to date state of the art key programming machine for all car models and all luxury cars too. Hopefully, losing your laser cut keys does not frequently happen as spending too much for a new laser key every time could outweigh its benefits.

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