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Welcome to Locksmith Angels

Hi, I am Angel Smith Owner/C.E.O. of When you get locked out of your home you need to have a reliable and professional team you can call.

At Locksmith Angels we take pride in being the top screening business for new locksmiths in the state, our technicians have been fully licensed, insured and registered with the state of Virginia and the ALOA and are constantly being trained to stay up to date with the most current residential locksmith technologies. When The Locksmith Angels are called for the job you rest assured that you are going to receive the industry leading quality level of service that has been our motto and trade secret since day one

We have been a top notch service provider since we opened up shop in 1994. We simply have the quickest response time to each and every service call and the lowest starting service rates in the industry so it is obvious why more people choose Locksmith Angels than any other locksmith company in the great state of Virginia.

If you have been in a situation where you got locked out of your home then you know how frustrating it is.

After 20 years of service we at understand the need for a fast response, and that fact alone is what drives us to excel at our job and get to you the fastest.

Don't worry we didn't hot-wire the Bat-mobile, although technically im sure we could

Our trade secret includes professionalism on the job, mixed with a little High-Tech App to understand where our field technicians are at all times, that way we can pinpoint your exact location and automatically see which technician is free and closest to you for the job that's why we can minimize our response time and guarantee the best results for our customers.

We value and appreciate your business and understand that happy clients mean more jobs and that customer satisfaction is our burning desire.

"Locksmith Angles The Great Service With A Smile You can Trust"

All the Best for the holiday season!


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